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Hassan Abdul Azim: An Open Letter to the US Envoy

Coordination Commission requests Washington's assistance in reviving Geneva path for political settlement in open letter
Hassan Abdul Azim: An Open Letter to the US Envoy

General Coordinator of the Coordination Commission Hassan Abdul Azim wrote the following message to the US Special Envoy for Syria, Daniel Rubinstein:

I send you best regards on behalf of the National Coordination Commission for Democratic Change and its Executive Office.

I would like to thank you for your concern about the Coordination Commission and its continuous efforts since it was established on June 25, 2011, to unify the Syrian opposition forces and its political vision inside Syria and abroad, including the Syrian National Coalition. There is no doubt you know that we have reached more than one agreement with the Coalition in the past. On our part, we were keen to implement these agreements, and in our last meeting between February 22 to 24 in Paris with an official delegation from the National Coalition, we reached a road-map for a political solution based on the Geneva Statement and the statement of the work group on Syria, issued on June 30, 2013.

The Commission is to hold a conference that gathers all Syrian opposition parties in Cairo in April. We look forward to the formal participation of the Coalition in this conference, and we hope you would help us in this effort.

On behalf of the Coordination Commission, we hope your government will take the initiative to revive the Geneva path for a political settlement to save what is left of Syria and preserve the blood of its people, and to ensure it sees a pluralistic and democratic future.

Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer

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