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Expectations Low for U.S.-Russian Conference: Ghalion

Expectations Low for U.S.-Russian Conference: Ghalion


Former president of the Syrian National Council, Burhan Ghalion said the revolution is suffering from multiple difficulties and subjected to an attack on its principles.


In an interview with the Zaman, al-Wasl opposition website, Ghalion said the opposition camp is suffering from multiple obstacles preventing the achievement of revolutionary aims that would match "the extraordinary sacrifices made by the people, the soldiers and civilians who are exposed every day to a new genocide."


"The fact is, the Syrian revolution today is subjected to a wide and systematic attack, where all regional and sectarian hegemonic forces are involved, alongside the regime,” he said.


Ghalion said the Free Syrian Army needs “reorganization and rehabilitation of the forces for major military operations," adding that this would require "a central and professional military command and a real operations room that manages, plans and discusses operations with battalion commanders, provides the amount of ammunition needed and secures the required financial resources."


 He said this was needed in order to push the regime forces toward a decisive battle, stop the government's military advance and return to them to a position of defense and retreat.


Discussing the peaceful political solution and prospects for the regime’s survival to 2014, Ghalion said that “the regime has no hope of surviving."


But, he said, continuing without resolving the issue [of Assad's survival] carries enormous risks, "far worse than the existence of the regime." He pointed to a situation of chaos and open internal conflict, "Somaliazation" and division.


 Such dangerous possibilities, he said, "do not only mean the loss of the revolution's goals of dignity and freedom, but the loss of the country itself."


On the proposed Kerry-Lavrov conference, Ghalion said: "No-one expects anything from this conference. It won’t have any results, and there is a chance it may not even go ahead until things are somehow settled on the ground by the rebels."


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