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Editorial: More Arms Means More Killing

The West has poured oil on the fire
Editorial: More Arms Means More Killing

The West's strategy for Syria is definitely going to fail. The crocodile tears shed by some western countries for the Syrian people are futile and hypocritical.


In actual fact, the Syrians would have been better, more secure and more stable without the West pouring oil into the fire. Western countries aim at repeating their colonial past and greedy schemes to extend hegemony in the region and exploit Syrian resources.


The USA and its allies are mistaken if they think that by strengthening armed groups on the ground they can force the government to give more concessions. All they do is contribute to killing more Syrians.


“I think they are stupid and absolutely mistaken, because more arms means more killing," parliamentary spokesman Faisal Mekdad said.


Syria is indeed confronting fundamentalist Wahabist infidels who represent as much of a long-term threat to the West as they do to Syria. The achievements on the ground by the heroic Syrian Arab Army, however, sends a clear message to the terrorists and their masters: "The Syrian army is coming for you.”


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer


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