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Coalition Specifies Five Conditions for Geneva Political Solution

SNC claims the Assad regime will not be involved in any future political solution, following deliberations with military, civil and revolutionary representatives
Coalition Specifies Five Conditions for Geneva Political Solution

The Syrian National Coalition has specified five main conditions for its participation in the third Geneva conference, to be held by UN Special Envoy to Syria Staffan de Mistura later this month.

The Coalition released a statement saying it agreed to attend Geneva following a meeting with representatives of several military factions, civil society organizations and revolutionary forces, during which they agreed on five main points:

  1. The solution must involve removing the Assad regime and all its security forces.
  2. President Assad should play no role in the transitional phase.
  3. The need to achieve the highest degree of coordination between the forces of the revolution and the political and military opposition.
  4. The protection of the independent national decision to face any plan to divide the country.
  5. The solution should be comprehensive.

The Coalition also stressed its openness towards any political solution that achieves the aspirations of the Syrian people for freedom and dignity; a solution that stops the bloodshed and prepares for a transitional phase, where Assad and his regime have no role in any future political process.

Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer

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