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Boy Killed in Armed Clashes at Aleppo School

Stray bullet kills 10-year-old after fighting broke out between rival armed groups
Boy Killed in Armed Clashes at Aleppo School

Clashes broke out in the neighborhood of Bustan al-Qaser in Aleppo on Tuesday between Istaqem Kama Umert Rally and the Ahrar ash-Sham Islamic Movement. The confrontations resulted in the death of 10-year-old Jamal Jalab. Field sources told All4Syria that "the cause of the dispute goes back to at-Talaeh school, where Ahrar ash-Sham Movement asked an-Nahlawiyah group to leave the school – which is located near Quba mosque – but the latter refused to allow Ahrar ash-Sham fighters to take it”.

An eyewitness said the dispute began in front of the school, and soon the tension evolved into an armed clash. The an-Nahlawiyah battalion opened fire from a machine gun, which led to the development of an armed clash between the two groups.

The eyewitness added that Jamal was passing by when he was struck and killed by a bullet in the head. The clash continued for a quarter of an hour, with the military police of Istaqem Kama Umert arriving to disperse the engagement.

Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer

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