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Assad Advertises Reconciliation in Aleppo

Haidar encouraged those "misled" to return to the right path
Assad Advertises Reconciliation in Aleppo

The government's SANA news agency has reported on subjective circumstances to launch a national reconciliation process between the conflicting parties in Aleppo.


The efforts are being made despite the total destruction in the infrastructure caused by the missiles and explosive barrels dropped by regime's air forces on both the civilians and the militants since the beginning of Assad's war against his own people.


The Minister of State for National Reconciliation, Ali Haidar, said that the subjective circumstances "are available in Aleppo to launch the national reconciliation which is important for the city".


Haidar considered in his meeting with local and official activities in Aleppo that "the reconciliation should be achieved by the citizens of the city and its countryside".


Haidar noted the importance of direct communication with the different activities to create workshops on the ground to lead the "misled" to the right path, meaning fighters with the opposition who are preventing Assad's army from storming the liberated city.


Haidar stressed that the Ministry of Reconciliation, which seeks to calm the situation in regime's weak areas, "is following and supporting every national effort to help the national reconciliation succeed on the ground".


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer


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