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Al-Sabagh, Ramadan in Race to Head Coalition

Both candidates will need to court the secular and non-partisan vote
Al-Sabagh, Ramadan in Race to Head Coalition


Zaman al-Wasl has obtained information indicating a intense competition is underway  between the current Secretary General of the Syrian National Coalition, Mustafa al-Sabbagh, and the member of the executive office of the Syrian National Council, Ahmed Ramadan for the leadership position ahead of upcoming elections.


According to definitive information from a senior National Council figure, Ramadan began a frank courting of Michel Kilo, the head of the Democratic Front, which recently joined the expanded Coalition.


Ramadan does not conceal his ambitions for the position of Secretary General and has worked tirelessly drawing a map of alliances within the organization.


Sabbagh, the current secretary general is facing new variables after new members joined the coalition, especially Kilo and the Democratic Front. The addition is a source of resentment for Sabbagh, the sources said, and an issue which makes it difficult for him to maintain his position after elections.


Ironically, both Ramadan and Sabbagh will depend on the secular vote and the non-partisan members in the Coalition, overlooking the fact that Ramadan is close to the Muslim Brotherhood, if not one of them.


Samir Nashar, the member of the National Council, told Zaman al-Wasl that during Sabbagh's role as Secretary General, he has showed that he has power beyond his political role and that this has prompted questions about his role.



Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer


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