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Aleppo Governor Survives an Assassination Attempt

Sohail Hassan's Assistant killed
Aleppo Governor Survives an Assassination Attempt

Shahba Press Agency has revealed that Munir Hassan Osman, the assistant and cousin of Colonel Sohail Hassan, was killed in Margarello Restaurant in the neighborhood of Shahba, in Aleppo after eating poisoned food.


The area was put under a heavy security alert after news of Osman's death was circulated. Security forces, accompanied by the regime army raided the restaurant, arresting all of the employees and civilians who were there. The restaurant was vandalized and its furniture was broken in retaliation.


Shahba Press added that a meeting was scheduled at the same restaurant. Hassan was scheduled to attend the meeting, along with the Governor of Aleppo, Wahid Aqqad, the leaders of other security forces, the Shabbiha and the so-called National Defense Forces.


Hassan is considered the spoiled child of Brigadier Jamil Hassan, the director of Air Force Intelligence, who gave Sohail full authority in the provinces of Aleppo and Hama to implement a series of massacres and crimes. Sohail is also the leader of a campaign using explosive barrels  over the areas from Khanasser to the Central Prison of Aleppo.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer


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