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Assad: Our Battle With Saudi Is Open-Ended

Assad’s remarks on the situation in Syria came during a meeting on the sidelines of the Arab Parties Conference held in Syria 10 days ago

Opinion: When the Russian Baath Scolds Damascus

What is truly suspicious is the emergence of American signs pointing to the toppling of the balance of power in a way rendering it unlikely to see President Al-Assad stepping down in the near future

Opinion: Syria Conference and Middle Ground Solution Formula

Secretary of State Kerry chose to recognize in Kremlin the existence of “significant common interests with respect to Syria” for both the American and Russian sides, thus reassuring Putin that the end of the war will only be secured through dual sponsorship – whose lines are drawn by Washington and Moscow – and that the Libya experience will not be reiterated as promised by Obama and repeated by NATO on many occasions.

Who's who: Mapping of documentation groups in Syria

Several bodies of international law provide standards applicable to the Syrian crisis, including international humanitarian law, international criminal law, and international human rights law

Are You Serious, Mr. President?

Obama’s logic is frightening, and his understanding of the region terrifying and in doubt, particularly as he is the man who saw a revolution in Bahrain and pushed Mubarak to step down while today he is saying that he is working hard to assess the situation in Syria!

The Damage Done by Playing for Time

The damage done by playing for time has extended to areas outside Syria in the last two months. The members of the alliance supporting Assad, from Russia and Iran to Lebanon, have found the opportunity to play off the regional situation; they have taken steps, whose importance varies one country to another.