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Damascus: Iranian Operations Room to Spread Shiism

Coordination office has issued publications and religious texts with the aim of bringing together the Sunni and Shiite doctrines and working toward bridging the differences in ideology

Aleppo: A City That Refuses to Die

“Aleppo: The Rise and Fall of Syria’s Great Merchant City,” Philip Mansel, 238 pages, I.B. Tauris, London, 2016

Michel Kilo: Secret Symbiosis of Iran and ISIS

Terrorism was not born in a vacuum; it is rather a product of a sectarian regime that wants to penetrate and destroy the Islamic world by using terrorism, Kilo says

Major Essam ar-Rayes: We Will Reach Damascus

“We are facing an occupation that does not only target our land, but also countries located beyond our territory. Our defeat here today will be theirs tomorrow”

I am the Syrian Charlie

I was killed by an army that holds my own nationality because the same leaders who marched in Paris a few days ago kept their mouths shut

Syria's Nusra Front Says Will Retaliate for Airstrikes

Suri singled out those Arab countries, saying they had lined up “on the side of oppression and of the infidels” and that “this will have consequences”

Opinion: Egypt's Healer and Syria's Destiny

Because of the immorality and hostility of the Islamic State to all, and the danger it poses for the legal, geographic and demographic status quo in the region, everyone must forget their differences, or ignore them for now, in order to confront this storm

The Syrian Opposition’s Bleak Outlook

The Syrian National Coalition is living on borrowed time. Unless it can develop credible political leadership and effective administration inside Syria, the outlook for those trying to make it succeed looks bleak