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Will the UAE Interfere in the Syria-Israel Case?

The recent peace agreement between the UAE and Israel was barely acknowledged by Syria, but not for lack of interest, but rather due to the complicated relationship between the two countries writes Annahar.

A Season of Diplomatic Pilgrimages to Damascus Approaches

A handshake between Ahmed Aboul Gheit and Walid al-Muallem has led to speculation that some Arab countries are ready to restore relations with Damascus writes Al-Watan.

America’s Agendas Are in Decline

Despite the repeated efforts by the US, with help from Israel, to undermine Syria and the rest of the region, their schemes and practises have failed writes The Syria Times.

Syria — Between Iran and America

As tensions between Iran and the United States increases, Syria is stuck in the middle get pulled apart from both sides writes The Syrian Observer.

Tourists Slowly Return to Syria

Visitors from Arab countries have risen sharply in recent months, while tourists from European countries are also starting to explore the country writes Al-Watan.

The Rebuilding of Syria and Conflicting Interests

While Assad has achieved success on the ground, he now faces new battles on the diplomatic stage, which look set to be an insurmountably task writes Anadolu News Agency.

Six Problems for Assad

Despite Bashar al-Assad now being in control of the large majority of the country, his problems are far from over writes Alsouria Net.

UAE Lead Efforts to Rehabilitate the Syrian Regime

The UAE was the first Arab state to reopen its embassy in Damascus, but other Arab and Western states have been more reluctant without a political solution writes Hurriya Press.

No Consensus on Syria at Dead Sea Meeting 

Arab foreign ministers discussed the potential return of Syria to the Arab League, but was unable to make progress on the issue reports Al-Watan.

Jordan Invites Syria to Attend Arab Meeting

Jordan is the latest Arab state that is set to start the process of normalising relations with the Syrian government reports Human Voice.

Three Gulf Airlines Survey Damascus Airport

The airlines have asked to inspect the technical state of the airport in preparation of resuming flight reports Enab Baladi.

US Pullout From Syria Is All Risks, No Gain

Donald Trump’s haphazard foreign policy decisions show a lack of knowledge of regional dynamics and bring no benefit to the United States, writes Emile Nakhleh.

Bahrain to Resume Flights to Damascus

Flight between Bahrain and Syria are set to resume in 2019, after they were stopped in 2011, following the brutal crackdown by regime forces reports Human Voice.