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America Is Not Leaving the Middle East

No major changes in the position of America in the Middle East are to be expected, according to Robert Ford for Asharq al-Awsat.

2021 Recap: What Happened in Syria

What happened in Syria in 2021? From the Arab rapprochement to the presidential elections, the Syrian Observer recaps last year’s most important news.

Jordan King Reiterates Support for Sovereignty of Syria

King Abdullah II of Jordan renewed his country’s support for the sovereignty, stability, unity of Syria, and the safety of its territories and people, the Syria Times reports.

Why Did Assad Deny Muallem Before his Death?

The late Walid al-Muallem reportedly submitted his resignation to Assad on multiple occasions, citing health issues, but his requests were denied by the Syrian leader reports Nedaa Syria.

What Can Trump Offer Assad?

US officials visited Damascus to discuss the release of hostages, but it is not clear whether there is genuine desire, or if it’s simply an attempt to boost Donald Trump’s election bid writes Al- Araby Al-Jadeed.