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Protesters in al-Bab End Sit-in

Protesters ended the sit-in in al-Bab that started after the release of Mohammed al-Mustafa, according to Baladi News.

Meslet Wants to Reform Syrian Opposition Coalition

Opposition leader Salem al-Meslet wants to reform the Syrian Opposition Coalition in order to improve ties with other countries, especially Arab ones, according to the Zaitoun Agency.

The SNHR Publishes May Report on Human Rights Violations

The most recent report by the Syrian Network for Human Rights records the death of 96 civilians, as well as an acceleration of the spread of COVID-19 in Syria, according to Zaman al-Wasl.

Security Chaos in Afrin

Hundreds of people in Afrin have been kidnapped by pro-Turkish factions amid security chaos amid serious violations reports Etihad Press.