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Infighting Erupts Between Two SNA Factions in Syria’s Sere Kaniye

Tribal infighting between two factions of the SNA occurred in Turkish-controlled Ras al-Ain, according to North Press.
Infighting Erupts Between Two SNA Factions in Syria’s Sere Kaniye

Infighting erupted on Wednesday between the al-Uqaydat tribe and the al-Mawali clan in the Turkish-controlled city of Sere Kaniye (Ras al-Ain) in northeastern Syria, leaving three dead and more than 20 injured.    

Al-Uqaydat tribe is affiliated with the Division 20 faction and al-Mawali is backed by al-Hamza Division. Both factions operate under the umbrella of the Turkish-backed Syrian National Army (SNA).

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The infighting started after the killing of Muhammad al-Da’ar al-Awad, one of the al-Uqaydat members, by Abo Homsi al-Mawali.

The clashes led to the killing of three militants and the injury of more than 20 of both factions.

Turkish forces and their affiliated SNA factions invaded Sere Kaniye (Ras al-Ain) in October 2019 following a military operation named “Peace Spring” under the pretext of pushing the fighters of the Kurdish-majority Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) away from the Turkish border with Syria.

Fierce clashes have taken place in the city with the use of all types of weapons since the morning of the day, an exclusive source told North Press.

The Turkish-occupied areas in north and northeastern Syria witness a state of security chaos and instability amid the SNA factions’ inability to control the situation.


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