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Meslet Wants to Reform Syrian Opposition Coalition

Opposition leader Salem al-Meslet wants to reform the Syrian Opposition Coalition in order to improve ties with other countries, especially Arab ones, according to the Zaitoun Agency.
Meslet Reform
Meslet Wants to Reform Syrian Opposition Coalition

The head of the opposition Syrian National Coalition, Salem al-Meslet, revealed that there are new moves and decisions to reform the coalition and develop its performance to restore its position in the international and popular circles. These resolutions include amending its internal system, replacing some of the political blocs in the coalition, and reforming its relations with the international community. 

“The slogan of ‘unity’ has been adopted by the opposition as a primary objective, so the coalition leadership works in cooperation with all components,” Meslet said in remarks carried by the Syrian Zaitoun news agency. He added that “developing our relations with popular bases, of which we are part, is our top priority.” 

“The coalition has devoted time to the issue of foreign and international relations to reform its relations with the international community, particularly with our Arab brothers,” he said. 

“Many important decisions have been taken with the aim of reviving the coalition by amending its rules of procedure and adopting legal amendments that will revive its activity,” he said, adding that the new rules of procedure will be adopted this week. 

“The membership committee will be reconstituted and given sufficient powers to consider previous membership applications and replacement decisions submitted by coalition members,” he said. “This comes in addition to studying the references of some of the political blocs in the coalition since its establishment, and working to replace its representatives after consulting with the supporters inside Syria,” he added. 

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“A preparatory committee of coalition members has been formed to organize consultative meetings with Syrian political and social components, which represent multiple segments of Syrians in liberated areas, in eastern and northern Aleppo and Ras al-Ain north of Hassakeh,” Meslet said. 

He added that the meetings will be held in the cities of Azaz in the northern Aleppo countryside, al-Bab and Jarabulus in the eastern Aleppo countryside, and Ras al-Ain north of Hassakeh. He continued by saying “the results of these meetings will culminate in a large public meeting inside Syria carrying three basic objectives.” 

He added that these objectives are “the unity of the opposition’s political, military, social and clan components, the re-centralization of the Syrian revolution and the emphasis on commitment to its principles, as well as restoring their initiative based on the initiative of the Syrian people who sparked the revolution.”

“The coalition’s positions are firm and unchanged towards the political process,” he said, adding that “the coalition stresses the commitment to seek the implementation of UN Resolution 2254 through the Interim Governing Body, which is the key to the political process.” 

The coalition president accused the international community of “failing the Syrians.” He added that the coalition “seeks to unite Syrians and strengthen cooperation among all so that we can assert pressure on the international community to meet its obligations.” 

Meslet succeeded Nasr al-Hariri in the presidency of the Syrian opposition coalition in the elections that took place in Istanbul in July 2021. After his appointment, he said that the priorities of the National Coalition lie in correcting matters within it, adding that there is a committee working on amending the internal system.


This article was translated and edited by The Syrian Observer. The Syrian Observer has not verified the content of this story. Responsibility for the information and views set out in this article lies entirely with the author.

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