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Waad Party is not Musilm Brotherhood Affiliate: Deputy

Nabil Kassis accused the media of depicting the party as a the political arm of the Muslim Brotherhood
Waad Party is not Musilm Brotherhood Affiliate: Deputy

The Deputy head of the National Party for Justice and Constitution, Waad (The Promise) has denied claims that Syria's Muslim Brotherhood movement stands behind the party's formation.


Nabil Kassis accused the media of attempts to show the party, which was announced recently, as a the political arm of the Muslim Brotherhood, pointing to the fact that common thoughts and principles among Islamists and left winged Syrians led to the founding of the party.


Kassis said that the executive office consists of four Muslim Brotherhood members, two moderate Islamists, and five left wing members from different religious sects, which makes it difficult for the Muslim Brotherhood to control the party’s decisions.


Kassis revealed that his role in the party is not as the Christian representative, mentioning that Waad has many Syrians from different political and religious attitudes, equivalent to greater than the Muslim Brotherhood members’ weight.  However, he said they all share common principles.


Kassis confirmed that many Syrians from different ethnic and religious groups have participated in the formation of the party, which calls for a civil and democratic state. He said many Alawites, Druze and Kurds are members in the party, besides Christians and Islamists from different sects and beliefs, ranging from conservatives to moderate and liberals.


Kassis confirmed that Waad intends to join the Syrian National Coalition andthat the party memebers are following up the procedures.


Kassis declared that he is a member of the party’s leadership, not as a Christian, but as a Syrian, with common thoughts and principles to the party for civilization and democracy, and is searching for a common beliefs that will be acceptable to all.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer


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