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Volunteer Soldier Executed by Regime

Regime security forces execute detainee from Suweida for allegedly attempting to defect
Volunteer Soldier Executed by Regime

The Suweida Khabar website has revealed that regime forces have executed volunteer soldier, Fahad Marouf Murad, in Sednaya prison after sentencing him to death.


The website explained that regime forces arrested Murad in March of 2012, on charges of attempting to defect during his service as a volunteer soldier in the Military Security Branch. Murad was later sent to Sednaya prison, where he was sentenced to death by a field court.


A source told Suweida Khabar that regime forces had earlier leaked the news of Murad’s death, only to later deny it. However, it is understood the military police have recently confirmed the death to his family.


Murad was from the al-Maten village in the countryside of Suweida. He was 35 years old.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer

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