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Tunisia to Reopen Damascus Consulate

Tunisia decides to reopen consulate in Damascus after restoring diplomatic relations with Syria
Tunisia to Reopen Damascus Consulate

Tunisia has decided to resume diplomatic representation in Syria after cutting diplomatic relationships with the country in 2012. At a press conference in the Tunisian government palace, Foreign Minister Taieb Baccouche said: "In the upcoming days, we will send a consular or diplomatic representative as chargé d'affaires to Syria".

"We informed the Syrian (regime) they may send an ambassador to Tunisia, and we decided to lift the diplomatic freeze with both Syria and Libya", Baccouche added.

In February 2012, former Tunisian President al-Mounsef al-Marzouki had decided to cut diplomatic relations with the Syrian regime and expel its ambassador from Tunisia, following a rising civilian death-toll at the hands of regime forces.

The move drew criticism among the Tunisian opposition who explained the step would harm the interests of the Tunisian community in Syria.

In 2014, the Tunisian interim government headed by al-Mahdi Jumaa opened an office in Damascus to manage the affairs of its citizens in Syria.
The Tunisian As-Sabah newspaper earlier reported officials in the Tunisian Ministry of Foreign Affairs claimed: "Tunisia's representation office in Damascus, which was opened by the Government of al-Mahdi Jumaa, will raise its representation level to a Tunisian consulate".

Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer

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