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Top Secret File Reveals Assassination Attempt on Nusra Emir

Secret document leaked from within Idleb's State Security Branch talks of an assassination attempt targeting Abu Mohammad al-Golani

Top Secret File Reveals Assassination Attempt on Nusra Emir

Al-Souria Net has obtained an Idleb State Security Branch document referencing information related to an assassination attempt on the Syrian Nusra Front emir, Abu Mohammad al-Golani, in March 2014.

The top secret document addressed to the head of security branch 331 said: "Please check the information related to the assassination attempt of commander of Nusra Front in Syria (Abu Mohammad al-Golani) at the end of last March on Syrian territory, as well as the information related to the execution of the assassin and his interrogation".

The document requests further details of the assassination attempt – the place, the equipment, the people involved, the planning and execution, and if the act was connected to the activities of terrorist organizations on the Syrian territory.

The document also requests checking information concerning the death of ISIS intelligence chief Ahmed ad-Dosari in Maarat an-Numan in Idleb’s countryside in December 2013.

Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer

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