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The Battle to Liberate the City of Idleb: Day 1

Opposition forces make significant gains in first day of rebel offensive on Idleb city
The Battle to Liberate the City of Idleb: Day 1

Syrian rebels have seized al-Madajen barracks between the pro-regime towns of Kefraya, al-Fuaa and the city of Idleb, also seizing a checkpoint near the city on the road to Binnish.

In the west, rebels managed to seize checkpoints near the university and officers’ residents, and are now occupying the outskirts of the municipal stadium inside the city.

Rebels also targeted al-Mastumah camp with rockets and missiles, while their tanks targeted checkpoints in Orm al-Jawz, in addition to a military convoy leaving Mhambel checkpoints toward Idleb, and the sugar factory in Jisr ash-Shughur.

Shelling on the front checkpoints of al-Fuaa and Kefraya continued until late last night, as the two towns are considered the most strategic shabeeha strongholds near Idleb.

The first day of the battle resulted in the fall of more than 15 regime checkpoints.

Rebels began the offensive on Wednesday afternoon, when they targeted all the checkpoints surrounding the city of Idleb with heavy artillery, missiles and various types of weapons, resulting in the liberation of more than 10 checkpoints around the city.

Regime air forces carried out four raids with toxic chlorine gases on Binnish, the Central Prison and the western farms, leading to the injury of more than 30 civilians and killing nearly 15 fighters. Seven rebel fighters also carried out suicidal operations.

An informed source confirmed that Assad forces executed dozens of soldiers on charges of spying and collaboration with rebels on Wednesday in the ongoing operation to liberate the city of Idleb.

The source told Siraj Press that regime officers supervising the security branches in Idleb ordered the execution of 36 soldiers on charges of "treason" and providing rebels with information related to regime troops’ locations and checkpoints near the city.

The source noted that regime forces carried out the executions in the State Security and Political Security branches.

Regime security forces arrested a number of civilians and some members of the Defense Militia in the city of Idleb last night.

Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer

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