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The Price of a Ticket for a Damascus-Aleppo Flight Is 10 Times the Average Syrian Wage

After announcing that it was now operational, Aleppo Airport will see the first arrival from Damascus Airport today reports Hashtag Syria.
The Price of a Ticket for a Damascus-Aleppo Flight Is 10 Times the Average Syrian Wage

As part of preparations by the Ministry of Transport to launch the first flight from Damascus to Aleppo, after eight years of inactivity and following a full repair of Aleppo Airport, the ministry announced that a SyrianAir flight would launch today.

A source in the Ministry of Transport told Hashtag Syria that this aircraft would be advertising operational functionality, that is, it would serve as a celebration of the opening of Aleppo Airport. He added that official delegations would be transported in this first flight.

With regards to ticket price, the source said that it would cost about 40,000 Syrian pounds, within domestic transport, and added that private airlines could land their aircraft at Aleppo Airport, with the implementation of Decree No. 1 issued on Jan. 9, 2020, which provides for payments being received from national private transport companies.

Bassem Mansour, Director of Civil Aviation, said that the plane would be an Airbus 320, belonging to SyrianAir, as the private national transport companies do not own any planes. He said the Syrian Flights Institute would determine this through commercial agreements with the national private airlines.


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