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Syrians Mark Women’s Day Underground in Idleb Cellar

About 150 women take part in event honoring female leaders of the protest movement, as war rages across country
Syrians Mark Women’s Day Underground in Idleb Cellar

Despite the raging war in their country, women in a small Syrian village wanted to be part of the International Women Day commemoration.

Up to 150 women in Idleb province met in the cellar of a building they had embellished with banners calling for freedom and Syrian revolutionary flags.

Large gatherings are held in this cellar to protect the participants from shelling and stray bullets.

The local women's center, Mazaya, organized the event and honored women who were at the forefront of the protest movement against the government of Bashar al-Assad.

Mazaya was founded in 2013 to train dozens of women in workshops ranging from literacy to first aid, sewing, languages and computer skills.

“Ever since the revolution became armed, people started forgetting that women were at the forefront of protests, holding banners and screaming slogans before the men,” Ghalia Rahhal, the head of Mazaya, told Al Jazeera.

“We cannot marginalize these women and forget about them. This event was held to honor them”.

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