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Syrian Students Begin High School Final Exams

Over 230,000 students from all Syrian provinces commence their high school exams
Syrian Students Begin High School Final Exams

More than 230,000 Syrian students began their high school (secondary) final exams on Monday.

The Ministry of Education stated that 1,892 centers had been prepared with all the necessary exam requirements, including 1,562 exam centers for public secondary schools, 45 centers for religious secondary schools and 285 centers for the vocational secondary schools.

The ministry added that a center was also opened to register the students of Raqqa in the province of Hama.

Displaced students from Idleb are eligible to undertake their exams in the province they currently reside in, where a number of exam centers have been opened under the name of their province to ensure their right to complete their education, the ministry added.

The number of students taking the high school final exams includes 3,197 students from religious education and 26,847 vocational students.

Minister of Education Hazwan al-Waz toured a number of exam centers in Damascus, claiming that pursuing educational study and completing exams constitutes the best response to the enemies of education.

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