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Syrian Government Forces Detain Demonstrators in Suweida

After days of anti-government protests, Syrian government forces have entered Suweida and attacked demonstrators, detaining a number of them reports Smart News.
Syrian Government Forces Detain Demonstrators in Suweida

Local sources and activists reported to Smart News that Syrian government security members and a number of people suddenly appeared raising photos of the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad in al-Seir square in Suweida, adding that they attacked demonstrators and detained six of them. 

The sources stated that the Syrian government forces drove military vehicles equipped with machine guns into the area, although the demonstrators chanted for peace. 

Activists shared videos on social media showing the Syrian government security forces attacking demonstrators and detaining several of them, including Marwan Nafaa, Rawad Sadeq, Bashar Tarabeh, Safwan Obaid and Ismail al-Mimsani.

On Jun. 10, 2020, unknown persons attacked people in the city of Suweida after a demonstration against the Syrian government, injuring a civilian.

Over the past few days, dozens of people demonstrated against the Syrian government, protesting against poor living conditions and the collapse of the Syrian pound’s exchange rate against the US dollar. During the demonstrations, people expressed solidarity with other Syrian governorates, including Idleb and Daraa.


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