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Saraqeb Hospitals Destroyed by Regime Air Raids

Regime intensifies air raids on Idleb provence as clashes continue between pro-Assad forces and opposition fighters
Saraqeb Hospitals Destroyed by Regime Air Raids

Hospitals in the city of Saraqeb announced their closure after al-Ihsan hospital was hit by two regime barrel bombs in the morning, leaving behind massive destruction, according to al-Souria Net correspondent in Idleb, Shadi as-Sayid.

Media activist Omar Haj Qaddour said: "Assad's regime targeted Saraqeb with more than one air raid, and dropped an explosive barrel on the eastern district, leaving destruction in public property, casualties and a state of mass displacement due to the continuous bombardment of the city".

Qaddour said the scale of destruction in the hospital and its equipment put it out of service. An al-Souria correspondent said the Red Crescent center in the city of Idleb was also partially damaged by two air raids yesterday.

The correspondent also said: "The Army of Conquest declared on its official Facebook page that it destroyed a tank and a 57-cannon in Kafr Najd, near Ariha, in addition to the killing of a number of regime forces in an ambush in Nahlaia, near Ariha-al-Mastumah road.

Clashes with medium machine guns and mortars took place between regime forces and opposition factions on Kefraya- al-Fuaa front, the al-Souria correspondent added.

A number of villages in Jabal az-Zawiyah, Khan Shaykhun, Korin, Qamenas and the area around the village of al-Mastumah were also targeted with air raids and artillery shells from al-Qarmed and al-Mastumah camps.

The Assad regime has intensified its air raids on Idleb province over the past two days, leaving dozens dead and wounded, as the number of martyrs in the city of Maarrat Misrin reached 16. The total number of martyrs in the village of Tel ath-Thahab, in the countryside of Jisr ash-Shughur, rose to four from one family – two children and their parents – while three other children from the same family were injured.

Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer

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