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Rebels Form ‘Ahl al-Sham’ Brigades in West Qalamoun

Opposition factions operating near Lebanon-Syria border merge under goal of "raising the word of God and his laws on earth"
Rebels Form ‘Ahl al-Sham’ Brigades in West Qalamoun

Several opposition factions operating in Western Qalamoun, Damascus, announced their full integration under the name of "Ahl ash-Sham Brigades" on Wednesday, September 30.

In a statement issued by the group, the new assembly explained that it came after many experiments and attempts to unify the military efforts in the area along the Syrian-Lebanese border.

The merge comes for a common goal which is "to raise the word of God and his laws on earth", the statement added, alluding to the formation of a Shura Council to supervise the Brigade’s operations.

According to the statement, the Shura Council agreed to appoint Abu Muwafaq ash-Shami as a Brigade leader, with the military leadership assigned to Abu Hassan al-Qalamouni. The statement stressed that Ahl ash-Sham Brigades is an independent formation and does not follow any other council or party.

Sources in Western Qalamoun told Enab Baladi the new formation includes the following factions: Itasimou Bihabl al-Lah Rally, al-Ghurabaa Brigade, Rijal Minal Kalamoon Brigade, Western Qalamoun Rally, the Martyrs of Qastal Brigade, Dira al-Qalamoun Battalion, the Martyrs of Nabek Battalion and Ibn Taymiyyah Battalion.

The sources stressed that the new formation has a "good" relationship with the Nusra Front, and most of its fighters have previously worked with Nusra within the "Jaish al-Fatah in Qalamoun" operations room.

This article was translated and edited by The Syrian Observer

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