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Qardaha Receives 27 Regime Fighters Killed in Idleb

Pro-regime media confirms the death of two senior regime commanders with Qardaha hospital receiving 27 dead and 30 wounded
Qardaha Receives 27 Regime Fighters Killed in Idleb

Field sources in Qardaha confirmed the city received the bodies of 27 officers and fighters killed in the battle of Idleb, which factions of the Fatah Army seized on Saturday.

Pro-regime media sources announced the death of Col. Mohammad Muallem, Deputy Chairman of the Military Security Branch in Idleb, and Maj. Muhammad Shendi, chief of Idleb’s Information Technology Division of the Air Force Intelligence.

Around 27 bodies were transferred from Jisr ash-Shughur hospital in the countryside of Idleb to al-Basel hospital in Qardaha, in addition to 30 wounded with most of them in critical condition.

At least five officers from the city of Qardaha were among the dead, three of which held ranks of "honorary lieutenant" in the National Defense militia.

Most of the dead who arrived in the city were members of pro-regime militias.

Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer

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