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Protesters Block Suweida-Damascus Highway South Syria

New protests are being staged in Suweida, cutting off traffic, according to North Press.
Protesters Block Suweida-Damascus Highway South Syria

Dozens of residents blocked on Monday the Damascus-Suweida Highway near  the village of Hazm in the northern countryside of Suweida Governorate, south Syria.

New protests are being staged in Suweida, cutting off traffic.

On Monday, at about 9:00 am, the protesters blocked the Damascus-Suweida Highway with stones and stopped traffic amid increasing numbers of protesters, calling for persistent protests until their demands are met.

One protester told North Press on condition of anonymity that calls for closing the Damascus-Suwayda Highway were made, “demanding they obtain rights, services and a decent life.”


He added that they had been stripped of their rights, and the basic services (water, electricity and communications) have become a dream for residents in Suwayda and its countryside.

He commented mockingly, “They see the act of blocking routes uncivilized, while they see 50 liters of diesel they will offer for the entire winter a civilized act!”

Suweida suffers from a state of economic deterioration and poor services.

The residents fear that they will endure a difficult winter in tandem with the high prices and fuel scarcity.

Calls are being made for the rest of the regions to join the protests.

The protesters prevented vehicles from passing through the highway, and they opened it for only minutes, according to a source that was among the protesters.

Dozens of activists and residents gathered in Hazm after calls were made on Sunday evening.

In July, residents of the western countryside of Suwayda closed the main road that links between Suweida and Shahba, protesting against the deteriorating living conditions.

Suweida is still witnessing a state of alert following the elimination of the armed group, amid the complete absence of the government’s security service.


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