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President Assad Keen to Implement Democratic Life: Syrian Official

For the first time since the war started, elections for branch members of the Arab Socialist Baath Party have started reports Al-Watan.
President Assad Keen to Implement Democratic Life: Syrian Official

For the first time since the war in Syria began, elections for the Arab Socialist Baath Party to select members for the branch offices in the provinces have begun, with the election continuing until the tenth of the month. The democratic process had been stopped over the past nine years, but is now returning according to criteria and conditions for selecting the chairmen and members of the branch.

The Damascus Countryside governorate held its elections yesterday, in the presence of Baath Party Assistant Secretary-General Hilal al-Hilal. They also ended in Raqqa governorate, and begin today in Damascus and Quneitra, and then tomorrow in Aleppo—and so on, daily, in each governorate.

At the conference in the Damascus Countryside branch, Hilal conveyed the greetings of the party’s Secretary-General, President Bashar al-Assad, and conveyed his keenness to implement democratic life at its best in the party and to provide space for the party apparatus to select its leadership and competent personalities.

Hilal stressed the need for Baathists to live up to their responsibility and keep away from choosing neutral figures, who offered nothing to the country during the war and have now returned to take up positions.

Hilal noted the sacrifices made by the people of Damascus Countryside to defend the capital and expel terrorists, saying it should be a site of appreciation and led by a leader capable of making an effort equal to these massive sacrifices.

Aleppo’s party branch secretary, Fadel al-Najjar, said that the elections were being held for the first time since the war in Syria, with the last time being in preparation for the national conference in 2011. He said that the members of the conference would select 24 members, from them selecting a leadership of eight, including branch secretary, while the ninth seat would go to the government by virtue of his position.

Najjar said that the criteria set by the leadership was precise, and took into account all the information a person must have to be appointed branch secretary in any province, whether in terms of party advancement or the duties he carried out at the governorate level, especially given that Syria is on the verge of reconstruction—with the reconstruction of ideas being more important than the reconstruction of materials.


This article was translated and edited by The Syrian Observer. The Syrian Observer has not verified the content of this story. Responsibility for the information and views set out in this article lies entirely with the author.

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