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Nusra Says Efforts With Jamal Maarouf Exhausted

Fighting is now expected to resume
Nusra Says Efforts With Jamal Maarouf Exhausted

Al-Qaeda's Syria wing the Nusra Front said on Tuesday that mediation efforts to halt infighting with Jamal Maarouf have failed, with fighting expected to resume.


The Nusra Front, in a statement posted online, said that "the Front has exhausted all options" in order to end the conflict with the Syrian Revolutionary Front.


The militant group opted to keep fighting since all reconciliation talks carried out by the Sharia court and monitoring units have failed.


Last month witnessed a humiliating defeat inflicted by the Nusra Front on the Western-backed group, ending with the expulsion of Maarouf from his stronghold in the Idleb countryside.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer

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