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Mouadamiyah Residents Eating Donkeys Due to Siege

Mouadamiyah has been under government siege for over a year
Mouadamiyah Residents Eating Donkeys Due to Siege

Activists from besieged Mouadamiyah area say they have been forced for the first time to slaughter a donkey to feed besieged families, after they ran out of all supplies and food.


Activist Abu Malik told All4Syria from inside Mouadamiyah that he had met one person who tasted the meat and said he “enjoyed the new experience”.


“The meat of the donkey is better than the chickens of Bashar,” the activist reported the man as saying, also joking of a free meal and adding that it is “important not to eat the meat of each other".


"This is the city of Mouadamiyeh, a small town only four kilometers from the center of the capital, Damascus. This city is now experiencing the most difficult days of the siege, as there is no food nor drink nor grass, so the residents have been forced to eat the flesh of donkeys to survive,” activists said.


Mouadamiyah have been suffering under a strict siege for more than a year. The city has been bombed from time to time and more than a dozen civilians – mostly children – have died because of hunger. More than 1,000 injured people are in dire need of medical assistance.


Translated and edited by the Syrian Observer



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