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Jihadists Launch Heavy Attack on Syrian Army Posts in Northwestern Hama

Fighters from Hurras al-Deen attempted to attack a Syrian army position in the town of Tanjarah, but were repulsed by the defending forces reports Al-Masdar.
Jihadists Launch Heavy Attack on Syrian Army Posts in Northwestern Hama

The Syrian army squared off against a group of jihadist rebels that attempted to infiltrate their positions in the northwestern countryside of the Hama Governorate on Monday. 

According to a field report from northwestern Hama, the jihadists of Hurras al-Deen stormed the Syrian army’s positions along the administrative border of Hama and Idleb.

A source from the army said the jihadist attack targeted their positions in the town of Tanjarah, which is located inside the northern region of the al-Ghab Plain.

The source said the jihadists managed to infiltrate the army’s positions at Tanjarah, prompting the nearby Syrian army troops to unleash a large barrage of missiles and artillery shells on the Hurras al-Deen forces. 

The source revealed that Syrian army reinforcements were quickly moved to the frontlines after the initial attack by Hurras al-Deen, as they attempted to restore order around this volatile front in northwestern Syria. 

Last month, the jihadist rebels launched a similar attack on the Syrian army’s positions, resulting in over 30 casualties for the Syrian army’s forces.


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