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ISIS Seizes T-4 Military Airport in Eastern Homs

Fighters belonging to the Islamist group seize country's largest airbase, according to ISIS-affiliated media
ISIS Seizes T-4 Military Airport in Eastern Homs

Islamic State (ISIS) affiliated social networking sites reported on Saturday the group had seized control of T-4 military airbase east of Homs‫.

Fighting over the largest airbase in Syria erupted weeks ago, following rapid advances by ISIS forces in the Syrian desert, seizing control of large swathes of territory, including the ancient city of Palmyra‫.

Activists reported days ago that ISIS forces stormed the fences of the strategic military airport, but the group is yet to release an official statement claiming responsibility for the attacks‫.

Ten days ago, ISIS fighters seized control of two villages and an artillery battalion 15 km east of the T-4 airbase‫.

Syrian state media also reported the death of General Mohsen Makhlouf, commander of the powerful 11th Division, killed by ISIS in the battles for the T-4 airbase‫.

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