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Interim Government to Form Unified Army

Maj. Gen. Idris announces the formation of a national army of 60,000 fighters
Interim Government to Form Unified Army

The Defense Minister of the Syrian Interim Government, Maj. Gen Salim Idris, has announced the formation of "one national army" consisting of 60,000 fighters – including all military revolutionary forces operating inside Syria – which will operate according to international regulations and laws.


"The structure of this army will include all the corps and formations of the Syrian revolution", Idris said during a filmed interview.


The announcement of the formation of a national army comes days after Idris' visit to the front lines in Latakia, accompanied by the Syrian National Coalition president, Khaled Khoja.


Idris noted that all military and revolutionary forces should communicate with the Defense Ministry to join the unified army.


"Consultation and coordination with everyone is necessary in order to employ efficient, experienced and honest military commanders for this army", Idris said, pointing to the need to accelerate this step.


"The Syrian Interim Government will come up with an army of more than 60,000 fighters, with each fighter receiving a salary, daily food and drink share, family compensation. If a fighter is injured, the army will be held responsible of their health condition. The army will also ensure legal accountability for the fighter; as they will be protected by international law", Idris added.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer

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