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Insights into the Baath Party’s Candidate Lists for the People’s Assembly Membership

The Baath newspaper underlined the importance elections, despite their "unpredictable outcome".
Insights into the Baath Party’s Candidate Lists for the People’s Assembly Membership

Following the announcement of the Arab Socialist Baath Party’s candidate lists for the People’s Assembly, a deluge of calls, messages, and opinions flooded in, showcasing diverse perspectives on the finalized lists.

At first glance, this diversity may seem unusual, but it signifies several positive indicators. The varied opinions demonstrate that the party apparatus remains invested in the party’s future and views it as a crucial lever for Syria’s progress. The willingness to express opinions openly and transparently indicates the party’s adaptability and commitment to achieving its goals.

It is essential to acknowledge that the expressed discontent stems from both logical reasons and personal motivations. While it is acceptable to express satisfaction or dissatisfaction, it is crucial to recognize the right of any Baathist candidate to be selected by the party leadership for the national unity list. Election processes inherently involve both winners and losers, resulting in varied reactions. Here, the focus is on upholding the party’s orientations, policies, and institutions, rather than defending specific lists or names.

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However, it is crucial to recognize that personal evaluations often lack objective judgment and cannot serve as a reliable basis for decision-making. Notably, many observations and assessments were rooted in individual achievements, self-proclaimed merit, and perceived representational eligibility, disconnected from practical and realistic references.

It is essential to respect the outcome of the selection process, regardless of electoral awareness, voter commitment, or potential deviations driven by outdated thinking or electoral manipulation. Such factors do not align with true Baathist values or healthy party dynamics.

In general, it is vital to reiterate that the principle of election, despite its unpredictable outcomes, remains superior to appointment. Voters and selectors must exercise their electoral rights with full will, awareness, and understanding, acknowledging their responsibility and the consequences of their choices. Their vote serves as their membership card in the society of participation and citizenship.

Lastly, it is important to recall the Baath Party’s recent stance on parliamentary immunity. Winning a seat in the People’s Assembly does not grant a “license” to evade judicial accountability or escape corruption charges. The judiciary will firmly uphold justice, protect citizens’ and the state’s rights, and deter any violations, regardless of their nature. This commitment will continue in the coming phase, with cooperation from newly elected People’s Assembly members.


This article was translated and edited by The Syrian Observer. The Syrian Observer has not verified the content of this story. Responsibility for the information and views set out in this article lies entirely with the author.

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