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Idleb, Hama Rebels Unite Under ‘Army of Victory’ Operations Room

Coalition of 16 armed opposition factions will attempt to liberate countryside of Hama from regime forces, says rebel commander
Idleb, Hama Rebels Unite Under ‘Army of Victory’ Operations Room

Opposition forces in the provinces of Idleb and Hama have declared the formation of a new operations room under the name of Jaish an-Nasr (Army of Victory), according to a statement by the group’s information office.

The statement noted that the purpose of the coalition is to "face the fierce attacks targeting civilians by the traitorous regime army, and in response to the appeals of the people of Hama, and the entire Syrian territory".

The Jaish an-Nasr joint operations room, comprised 16 opposition factions, includes Suqur al-Ghab Brigades, al-Izza Brigades, ash-Sham Front, Jabhat al-Inqaz, Suqur al-Jabal Brigade, the Sixth Brigade, Brigade 111, Brigade 60, Bilad ash-Sham Brigade, Regiment 111, Revolutionary Fidai Movement, Suqur al-Jihad Battalion, the Martyrs of Tremseh Brigade, al-Mashhour Battalions and al-Adiyat Brigade.

According to Jabhat ash-Sham commander, Mohammed al-Ghabi: "the first objective of the formation is the liberation of the northern countryside of Hama, breaking the regime's first defense line toward Hama the city. The formation comes as a first step to unify the Free Syrian Army in Idleb and Hama into one operations room. The first battles will be in the northern countryside of Hama".

Activists said that the new joint operations room is an attempt to repeat the success of the Jaish al-Fatah operations room, which managed to seize all of Idleb city, and continues to fight regime forces in the province.

Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer

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