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Idleb: Shura Votes Confidence to 9 Ministers in Salvation Government

The Shura Council in Idleb has awarded confidence to 9 ministers in the Salvation Government, according to al-Souria Net.
Idleb Ministers Confidence Shura
Idleb: Shura Votes Confidence to 9 Ministers in Salvation Government

In Syria’s northwestern governorate of Idleb, the General Consultative Council (GSS, Shura Council) announced that it had given confidence to nine ministers in the Syrian Salvation Government (SSG).

The filled ministerial portfolios, according to the council’s statement through Telegram on Monday, included: the Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation, the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Justice, and the Ministry of Development and Humanitarian Affairs. Also included were the Ministry of Local Administration and Services, the Ministry of Economy and Resources, the Ministry of Endowments, Advocacy and Guidance, and the Ministry of Interior.

The statement added that it had been agreed to postpone the voting confidence in the Ministry of Education’s candidate, “at the request of the Prime Minister to the next session.”

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“Prime Minister Ali Kiddeh has been given 15 days to nominate the Ministry of Education candidate and present him or her to the General Shura Council, in accordance with the council’s internal regulations,” the statement said.

Since its formation, the General Consultative Council in Idleb has been popularly criticized, facing accusations that it represents only Tahrir al-Sham and does not represent all areas beyond the Assad regime’s control.

Among the accusations against it was “the exclusion of many revolutionary forces from the elections held during its establishment”.

The above developments come less than a month after the candidate for SSG’s presidency, Ali Kiddeh, received a vote of confidence for the third time in a row.


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