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Homs Residents Suffer Starvation, Sectarian Cleansing

Activists feel betrayed by the opposition and ask where the revolutionary funds went
Homs Residents Suffer Starvation, Sectarian Cleansing

The number of people from areas under siege in Homs, who have surrendered themselves to Syrian regime has reached 500, according to activists.


Most of those who surrended were wounded and were forced to leave the city and abandon their weapons, as demanded by the regime, in exchange for securing their safety and medical needs, activist Omar Tillawi reported.


He detailed that the weapons handed over only included Kalashnikovs, bullet stores and RBJ machineguns.


Tillawi said he holds the leaders inside the besieged areas, and the members of Coalition responsibile for the painful situation in Homs, where fighters were forced to surrender, adding that their irresponsible way of dealing with the situation helped in increasing corruption, injustice and bad judgment.


“Hunger for a prolonged time leads people to a position of instability and the loss of control,” he said, adding that the "breaking bones strategy” the military council adopted in Homs led rebels and the Free Syrian Army fighters to surrender themselves to the Shabbiha militias and regime forces.


The activist questioned the fate of the money and charitable funds that had been collected for two years to help Homs, asking where the rockets, tanks, canons, and other arms had gone. Expressing clear pain, he asked about money that had been collected two years ago from all Muslims around the world to help people of Homs.


"18 neighborhoods have been occupied by the regime forces and Shabiha for more than two years, with other 13 neighborhoods under siege. Nearly a million people were displaced in that period, there are thousands of detainees in regime prisons who are brutally tortured, among them hundreds of female detainees and victims of torture and rape," he said, summarizing the situation in Homs.


"Shabbiha raided Sunni houses and shops and stole everything, while hundreds of houses, buildings, shops and mosques are destroyed.”


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer


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