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Hezbollah Gambles in Zabadani as Casualties Soar

Opposition fighters consider Hezbollah's involvement in Zabadani a "failed adventure" following major losses in Qalamoun, Daraa and Idleb
Hezbollah Gambles in Zabadani as Casualties Soar

Fighting has intensified since the beginning of this month in Zabadani, Damascus countryside, as regime forces and Hezbollah militia continue its campaign to storm the city, while opposition factions have brutally repelled the regime's repeated attempts.

Hezbollah and Syrian army forces advanced in al-Jamiyat, at-Tal Castle, al-Koko Castle yesterday, while opposition forces targeted Hezbollah location in al-Koko Castle today, leading to the death of eight Hezbollah militants, media activist Fares al-Arabi told al-Souria Net.

The activist, Alaa al-Qalamoni, told al-Souria Net that 18 Hezbollah militants and 30 regime soldiers were killed in the battles – including Captain Talaat Majid Zahreddin from Suweida, Lieutenant Haidar Ismail from Homs and Ibrahim Hanna – while eight opposition fighters were also killed in the clashes.

Pro-Hezbollah media websites mourned its fighters killed in Zabadani, including Ali Mohiuddin ad-Dahi from the town of Sohmor in Bekaa. Al-Souria Net correspondent in Qalamoun, “Nebuchadnezzar”, reported ad-Dahi was transferred from Qalamoun to Zabadani with other leaders about two weeks ago. In addition, two other Hezbollah field commanders were also killed in the fighting, along with Imad Rahif as-Sabi and Ali Ahmed Ismail form Burj el-Barajneh, Ali Shareef from Baalbek, Ali Hamza and Jaafar Abdou Kanaan from Younine.

Syria’s opposition believe the Hezbollah’s battle in Zabadani is a "failed adventure" due to Hezbollah's hopeless ambitions to achieve a military victory over rebel fighters, following losses in Qalamoun, Daraa and Idleb.

In a statement to al-Souria Net, defected lieutenant Abu Faisal said: "Hezbollah militia are afraid of the significant progress achieved by the FSA in the vicinity of Zabadani, thus they seek to separate the city from Qalamoun area, and secure the Beirut-Damascus highway”.

Al-Souria Net correspondent Nebuchadnezzar said that regime forces and Hezbollah militia are moving under heavy air cover, as regime warplanes use land to surface missiles, as well as dozens of explosive barrels.

Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer

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