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Heavy Shelling on Idleb Hospital Kills 4

Heavy damage inflicted on civilian hospital by regime bombing after rebels take the province of Idleb
Heavy Shelling on Idleb Hospital Kills 4

Media activist Hashim al-Abdallah.
Al-Abdallah confirmed "regime aircraft bombed the National Hospital in Idleb province today, resulting in casualties", explaining that "the aerial bombing killed four people from az-Zawiyah Mountain, Marrat an-Numan, Mantaf and Taftanaz, in addition to heavy damages in property”.

A member of the Civil Defense teams in the city, Abu Mohammed, said "the bombing caused great damage to the national hospital and to several vehicles parked in the hospital garden. The bombing also caused fires in different sections in the hospital”.

Abu Mohammed added: "the bombing caused the injury of some passersby next to the hospital, with the Civil Defense teams moving the injured to hospitals".

Abu Mohammed, who was talking to the Anatolia News Agency, said "the national hospital is dedicated to the treatment of civilians, and none of the armed group have used the hospital. The regime bombed a hospital which serves people, but the regime usually attacks civilian areas".

This heavy shelling on the province of Idleb comes five days after Syrian opposition forces seized the whole province, the second province in Syria liberated from the Assad regime, following ISIS’ capture of Raqqa.

Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer

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