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Halqi Discusses Role of Contractors in Reconstruction

Halqi says preparations underway for reconstruction
Halqi Discusses Role of Contractors in Reconstruction


Prime Minister Wael al-Halqi on Monday hailed the importance of contractors' role in Syria's reconstruction stage as the core of development.


The Prime Minister's remarks came during the 29th Extraordinary Conference of Contractors Union which was held at the Dama Rose Hotel in Damascus under the theme of "Together, We Protect the Homeland, Together, We Build the Homeland."


The Prime Minister hailed the role of the Contractors' Syndicate in developing legislation regulating development, the latest of which was law No. 9 for the year 2014, which highlighted the contractors' role in the process of sustainable development and construction.


Halqi pointed out that in spite of the ongoing internationally-led war against Syria, and the escalating attacks against institutions and infrastructure, the national economy had remained steadfast and balanced and had started preparing for the reconstruction stage.


The Prime Minister answered questions on all issues within the framework of supporting the construction sector.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer



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