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Halloween in Syria: Funny Horror

Prices of entry per party range from 20,000 Syrian pounds to 150,000 Syrian pounds, according to Athr Press.
Halloween in Syria: Funny Horror

In the Bab Touma neighbourhood and hotels ranging from one to five stars, hundreds of young men and women are preparing for Halloween celebrations. Some of them have begun posting photos of preparations for simple celebrations as a kind of attraction to the largest number of customers to enter these concerts adapted from Western society. 

Some consider Halloween to be a Western holiday. However, some see it as an ancient Eastern holiday meaning “pumpkin holiday”. Whoever delves deeper into history will discover that it is an Aramaic Syrian holiday and that the ancient Syrians preceded everyone to celebrate the last day of October (the end of the harvest season). The Arameans called it the feast of the beauties, and gave those who got married quantities of pumpkin. 

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Like every time, Syrians’ opinions differ on a topic that is different from their customs and traditions. Mohammed al-Khalidi, a young university student, pointed out to Athr that such parties are contrary to the customs, traditions and religion of Syrians, as such occasions “are only a tradition of the West, so we condemn it.” 

Basma, 30, sees it as nothing but madness, so she comments, “madness and ridicule.” Others believe that this holiday is associated with “Satanism,” as groups of young people who follow this trend have been active for more than a decade, so some see Halloween as part of the ritual of this “worship.” 

Micheline, who had a different opinion, considered during her conversation with Athr that Halloween is an attempt to transfer the bloody horror we experienced in Syria to Halloween concerts, which are filled with a horror that ends in laughter and joy instead of the scenes of blood and destruction in the streets of Syria. 

Halloween Party Prices 

According to what was monitored by Athr Press, the prices of entry per concert range from 20,000 Syrian pounds to 150,000 Syrian pounds. This comes at a time when all restaurants and hotels that hold these parties witnessed completed reservations two days before the date of Eid. 

For his part, the head of the Damascus Chamber of Tourism, Mohammed Mamlouk, stressed in a statement to Athr that the role of the Chamber is within the joint control, where follow-up is carried out after taking the approval of prices and health controls. He pointed out that they cannot interfere with the rituals that occur in parties, as each party has its own rituals.


This article was translated and edited by The Syrian Observer. The Syrian Observer has not verified the content of this story. Responsibility for the information and views set out in this article lies entirely with the author.

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