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Fires in Lattakia Off: Impossible to Count Areas Affected

The loss of vegetation cover was highlighted as a real disaster, according to Athr Press.
Fires in Lattakia Off: Impossible to Count Areas Affected

Agriculture Minister Hassan Qatana has confirmed the successful control of all hotbeds of fire in the forests and northern countryside of Lattakia. The affected areas are now entering the cooling and monitoring phase.

Qatana highlighted the joint efforts that led to the containment of 20 fire hotbeds since the outbreak of the fires in the Lattakia countryside. This achievement was made possible through the collaboration of fire system teams, comprising 101 firefighters and 29 bulldozers, along with the support of Ilyushin planes and helicopters from the Syrian army.

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Acknowledging the significant role of wind movement and speed in fueling the spread of fires, Minister Qatana expressed gratitude that houses near the fire sites were well protected. However, he also mentioned that it is difficult to assess the full extent of the current impact on the affected areas.

The loss of vegetation cover was highlighted as a real disaster, emphasizing the importance of forests as the lungs of the earth. Vegetation plays a crucial role in preserving soil, biodiversity, and biological diversity. The minister stressed the need to consider the environmental and climatic system as an integrated whole.

Minister Qatana cautioned that despite the suppression operations being near completion, the fires might not be entirely extinguished. Due to the vastness of the burned area, a prolonged period of cooling and monitoring is necessary. Additionally, considering the prevailing high temperatures and intensified wind speeds, any inadequately cooled spot could potentially become the nucleus of a new fire.

It is important to note that the fires, which were extinguished six days ago, initially broke out in Mashqita and subsequently spread to Solas. The situation was further aggravated by the strong winds, resulting in multiple fires across approximately 20 different locations.


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