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Dozens Killed in Salamiyeh

Local mosques called for people to donate blood to help the many wounded
Dozens Killed in Salamiyeh

The Islamist Nusra Front launched a violent attack on the city of Salamiyeh in Hama Sunday, using mortars and missiles, killing over a dozen civilians and wounding many others.


Local sources said that mosques in the city called for people to visit the National Hospital in order to donate blood, after the arrival of dozens of wounded people.


According to an official source, eleven people were killed and 20 others wounded when terrorists fired mortars at residential areas in Homs Street, in the center of the city.


A medical source told SANA that the injured people were transported to the city's National Hospital.


SANA meanwhile reported that army units killed Nusra fighters and destroyed missile launchers and other heavy weapons in the Hama countryside.


It said non-Syrians were amongst the groups and claimed the army found documents on one of the fighters that proved his involvement in other terrorist attacks.


A governorate official told SANA that an army unit destroyed a missile launcher and other heavy weapons, also killing other Nusra members during their attempt to attack army checkpoints in the village of al-Mufaker, in the countryside around Salamiyeh.


The same source said that another army unit destroyed a den of "terrorists" in Shihat Awwad, also in the Hama countryside. Weapons and ammunition were also found there, the sources said.


A third unit confronted a terrorist attempt to attack an army checkpoint in the same village. Several terrorists were killed and injured there and the army unit found with one of them documents proving his involvement in previous terrorist attacks against civilians and military units.


SANA's source mentioned that army units injured members of two Nusra battalions in Jisr Beit al-Ras and Hwez, in the al-Ghab region.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer 


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