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Demonstrations Calling for Fall of Regime Continue in Suweida

These protests have been ongoing for a remarkable 22 days, according to Syria TV.
Demonstrations Calling for Fall of Regime Continue in Suweida

Protests in Suweida governorate persist into their 22nd day, demanding the overthrow of the current regime and the resignation of President Bashar al-Assad. Women from Suweida are playing a pivotal role in these ongoing demonstrations, actively participating in gatherings at Karama Square.

Protesters proudly display banners, articulating their call for political reform and expressing messages of solidarity with the victims of the recent earthquake in Morocco. Meanwhile, in the town of Amtan, and in front of the Syrian Revolution Martyrs Memorial, residents, alongside people from neighbouring villages, are also taking to the streets in their own demonstrations.

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On Sunday, popular demonstrations persist, with citizens rallying for the removal of the regime and the departure of President Bashar al-Assad. These protests have been ongoing for a remarkable 22 days. Suwayda 24 reported that people gathered once again in Karama Square, situated at the heart of Suweida, to continue their demonstrations calling for political change in line with Resolution 2254.

The network highlights the significant role played by Suweida’s women in these protests, underscoring their consistent involvement in the governorate’s protest activities and their daily presence at Karama Square.

Demonstrators in the square proudly carry banners that echo the popular demands for political change, while others use this platform to convey messages of compassion and solidarity with the earthquake victims in Morocco.

In addition to daytime protests, evening demonstrations took place in Amtan, located to the south of Suweida. There was also an evening gathering in front of the Martyrs of the Great Syrian Revolution Memorial in the town of Mazraa, situated in the western countryside of Suweida. These events saw participation from the local residents and some neighboring villages, all united in their chants and calls for political reform.

Demonstrations in Daraa and northern Syria 

On Friday, the residents of rural Daraa came together in a demonstration, echoing their call for the overthrow of the Syrian regime in an event named “Friday of the Revolution of Dignity.”

In front of the Omari Mosque in Busra al-Sham, located in eastern Daraa, dozens of individuals took part in the protest. Their demands included the release of detainees and the removal of the regime and its symbols from power. They carried banners emblazoned with powerful phrases such as, “We are the free revolutionaries, and whether it’s now or later, you will fall.”

Simultaneously, in various areas of Idleb governorate, a Friday labelled the “Revolution of Dignity” unfolded.

In the city of Idleb, a gathering took place at the Mashtal Amphitheater, where demonstrators raised their voices in unison, demanding the downfall of the regime and the immediate release of detainees.


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