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Death Toll Rises in Suweida Protests, Regime Continues Shooting

A Suweida protester died on Sunday from bullets fired by the Syrian regime's security services, according to Syria TV.
Death Toll Rises in Suweida Protests, Regime Continues Shooting

The number of dead and wounded in protests in Suweida governorate has risen since Sunday morning as regime forces continue to target protesters with snipers.

The Suwayda 24 network reported that two people were killed in the protests and four others were injured, with shooting continuing near the governorate building and the police headquarters building in the center of Sweida city, with regime elements stationed on the roofs of buildings.


The Ministry of Interior in the Syrian regime’s government described the protesters in the city of Suweida as “outlaws,” accusing them of indiscriminately shooting and storming the Suweida governorate building by force. Meanwhile, local media reported on regime forces shooting at protesters and killing and wounding several of them.

The regime’s Interior Ministry claimed in a statement published on Facebook that “a group of outlaws, some of them carrying personal weapons, blocked the road with burning tires next to the gallows roundabout in Sweida province at 11:30 a.m.”

“The group of outlaws later went to the governorate building and fired shots indiscriminately, injuring an officer and several citizens present at the scene. They entered the building by force, broke office furniture, stole many of the building’s contents (including official documents), set fire to the building and nearby cars, and then tried to storm the police headquarters building,” the statement claimed, adding that a policeman was killed during the alleged raid.

Live bullets

The Sweida 24 network published a video showing members of the Syrian regime forces opening fire on protesters in front of the governorate building.

The network said that the regime forces had fired heavy rounds of live bullets at the protesters after they stormed the building of the “Saraya (government) in the center of the city of Suweida, killing one protester and wounding others.”

One of the Suweida protesters had died on Sunday from bullets fired by the Syrian regime’s security services at protesters.

The local network Al-Rasid, quoting a medical source at Sweida Hospital, reported the death of young man Murad Al-Metni from his wounds. In addition, the young man Kenan Khudair was transferred to the intensive care ward for treatment.

There were reports of an increase in the number of injured arriving at the hospital, as the regime’s “security” services used live bullets to suppress the protests.

Demands of Suweida protesters

Secretary-General  of the Syrian Brigade Party Malik Abu al-Khair said in a statement to the Syria TV website that the protesters’ initial demands were “to improve the level of services in Suweida governorate, as well as living conditions, and the restoration of services that were deliberately and systematically cut off from the governorate.”

Abu al-Khair added that, for more than two months, Suweida governorate has lacked water and electricity services, in addition to suffering from the scarcity of diesel and gasoline, as well as the high prices of consumer goods.

He continued: “The government of the regime does not provide anything to the province of Suweida, except the deliberate economic blockade, while working to secure all facilities for drug traffickers and gangs spreading, pointing out that the demonstrators came out today against this corrupt authority represented by the Assad regime.


This article was translated and edited by The Syrian Observer. The Syrian Observer has not verified the content of this story. Responsibility for the information and views set out in this article lies entirely with the author.

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