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Damascus Medical Syndicate: Emigration Among MDs Increases

New doctors are more prone to leaving the country.
Damascus Medical Syndicate: Emigration Among MDs Increases

The head of the Damascus Medical Syndicate, Imad Saadeh, disclosed that the syndicate has implemented measures aimed at safeguarding the medical staff, as highlighted during a recent conference held by the branch. Among these measures is a focus on financial intervention and facilitating rehabilitation and training courses whenever possible. Saadeh emphasized that the syndicate has actively pursued these initiatives, underscoring the union’s readiness to offer any necessary assistance, be it scientific or otherwise.

Addressing the observed trend of increased emigration among doctors, particularly newer practitioners, Saadeh acknowledged the absence of statistical data but noted a discernible rise in doctors leaving the country. He framed this phenomenon as part of a broader desire for professional advancement and improved living standards, akin to other professions like law and engineering. Saadeh affirmed that the right to travel abroad is enshrined in the law for doctors, emphasizing that the decision to engage with the syndicate regarding such matters lies with the individual doctor.

Regarding the distribution of doctors, Saadeh remarked positively on the adequate presence of doctors in Damascus, which effectively meets the city’s healthcare needs, with approximately 60% of Syrian doctors based there.

Saadeh also mentioned a recent syndicate conference on artificial intelligence in healthcare, which explored modern methodologies for diagnosis and treatment. He expressed hope for a similar conference of equal caliber later in the year.

Acknowledging the challenging conditions prevailing in the country, Saadeh noted that any progress in the medical field is inevitably accompanied by adversity, given the overall difficult circumstances affecting all sectors in Syria.  


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