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Coinciding with Erdogan’s Desire to Normalize Relations with Syria: Turkish Intelligence Meets in Azaz with Leaders of Ankara Factions

Turkey assured the factions in the North that it would not abandon them, al-Watan reports.
Coinciding with Erdogan’s Desire to Normalize Relations with Syria: Turkish Intelligence Meets in Azaz with Leaders of Ankara Factions

In line with statements from Turkish officials, led by the head of the Turkish administration, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, expressing a desire to progress and bridge relations between Syria and Turkey, Turkish intelligence coordinator Bashqan Sami met with over 100 leaders of armed factions loyal to Ankara in the occupied city of Azaz. However, the meeting did not result in real or actual promises, nor were there any commitments to involve representatives of these factions in upcoming Syrian-Turkish meetings.

The Kurdish North Press agency, affiliated with the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) militias, quoted Abdul Qadir Abu Yusuf, director of the Azaz Media Center, who said that the meeting included more than 100 people from opposition factions in northern Syria. They discussed recent events in the region, particularly demonstrations against the occupation by Turkish forces in northern Syria.

Cold Signals from Damascus on Assad and Erdogan Meeting

Abu Yusuf noted that all representatives of the factions demanding intervention to stop normalization between Turkey and Syria attended the meeting, expressing their fear of the consequences if normalization succeeds.

He explained that the Turkish side’s answers to the leaders’ questions were brief, assuring them that Turkey would not abandon these factions, and would protect them and ensure their safety.

The agency also quoted the same source saying that the meeting discussed the poor conditions in areas controlled by the so-called Turkish governor and the general problems faced by faction areas.

For several weeks, Turkish administration officials have been issuing statements indicating Ankara’s desire to normalize relations with Damascus and make progress in breaking the wall of relations between the two neighbouring countries.

Recently, Erdogan continued to make statements about rapprochement with Syria and restoring past relations. However, he has not addressed Turkey’s occupation of Syrian territory or suggested any possibility of withdrawing forces from occupied Syrian territories in the north.

Erdogan attempted to shift the political responsibility to Syria, stating that Ankara is waiting for Syria to take a step to improve relations so that Turkey can “respond appropriately.”


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