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Chronic Bread Shortages in Hassakeh

Poor weather conditions and a shortage of flour have caused a scarcity of bread in Hassakeh province reports Zaman Al Wasl .
Chronic Bread Shortages in Hassakeh

Hamad al-Nada toured all the bakeries of the Hassakeh city, in search of a bundle of bread. His efforts were in vain due to the fact that 30 private bakeries in Hassakeh city stopped working for the second day in a row because they were not supplied with flour by the general mills.

َNada, 40, says he left his home in the Nassirah neighborhood early in the morning, to look for bread for his five children and their mother, at the government bakeries, following the closure of the private bakeries. But the bread had disappeared from the bakeries in the neighborhoods of al-Massaken, Goyeran and Tel Hajar, which, during normal conditions, are the main source of the bread for the inhabitants. But not a single loaf of bread could be found. 

Workers at the Goyeran bakery’s said that the flour had didn’t arrive on Wednesday. Meanwhile, Nada was told that it was a day off for the al-Massaken bakery, which is under the control of the regime. And he was unable to enter Tel Hajar bakery, because the entrance was restricted to members of the Democratic Union Party and to Salhia, east of the city. 

The party’s armed forces and members of the regime do not hesitate to exploit the inhabitants, especially women, in exchange for a supply of bread, in light of the acute shortages in the province. 

Over the past week, the price of a bundle of bread on the black market has increased from 200 Syrian pounds to 300 pounds.

In the countryside, for over a year government bakeries have stopped distributing bread directly to citizens. But private bakeries have monthly subscriptions solely for the population in their vicinity, and are currently without bread. 

The Director of the General Mills Company in Qamishli, Girgis Qumi, said in a media statement, that the distribution of the flour for private bakeries has stopped, due to the lack of wheat being received by the storage center in Qamishli, due to rain and poor weather conditions.


This article was edited by The Syrian Observer. Responsibility for the information and views set out in this article lies entirely with the author.

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