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Barrel Bomb Kills Entire Family of 8 in Idleb

Attack claims the lives of entire family as regime helicopters target residential areas in Idleb
Barrel Bomb Kills Entire Family of 8 in Idleb

A family escaped the regime’s barrel bombs in the city of Allatamnah, Hama, only to be hit by another barrel from the same plane on Wednesday morning in the town of Kafersajnah, Idleb, claiming the lives of all eight family members.

Activist Fatima al-Ali, who lives in the town, said: "The town was shaken after the barrel bomb fell on the home of a displaced family. The house was completely destroyed and all eight members of the family died under the rubble of their house".

Ali added that a number of neighbouring houses were also damaged by the incident, while a number of civilians were injured and in critical situation.

Regime helicopters had targeted the city of Allatamnah with four barrel bombs resulting in no casualties, as most of the city’s population had already fled.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer

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